Monday, 24 September 2012

Things I wish I knew before becoming a Mummy!

Just because I love writing lists and I wish someone could have given me these tips to save me valuable time and money!Feel free to add any and I hope its useful to someone :)

* The first few weeks will be tiring and awful - it will end & accept every bit of help you can from family
* Get in a routine as early as poss - baby will let you know when he's ready. ie bath massage bottle bed
* Let them fall asleep themselves in moses basket - even if it means a night of crying
* Make bottles up 24 hours in advance and don't stress about perfection
* Use granny pads instead of maternity pads
* Cold cabbage leaves in bra DO work!
* Lamaze and ELC do brilliant baby toys
* Recommend fisherprice
* Have a sterliser at nans & everything x 2 so you don't have to lug as much about
* Use baby wipes from day one - cotton wool and water don't cut it for meconium!
* Buy as much 2nd hand - can get stuff in great condition as it doesn't get used for long
* Use normal soft towels for bathtime
* Bath babies with you instead of trying to lean over and juggle them in a baby bath 
* Use vaseline on sore necks
* Use sudocream to prevent sore bums, and on the newborn dry skin 
* Use cheap small flannels instead of muslins for sicky babies

Essential purchases
* Bright coloured bouncer
* Jumperoo
* Decent comfy pram thats lightweight
* Mirrors
* Musical swing
* Sleeping bag
* Electric sterliser
* 2 or 3 of everything - spares are always very useful and needed
* Video baby monitors
* One of the new fancy contraptions that make bottles up for you!

Don't waste your money on
* Bottle warmer
* Baby carrier
* Outfits for newborns
* Newborn photoshoot
* Fancy bibs
* Baby bath
* Baby towels

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