Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Bucket List

I've seen these posted all over different blogs, and I really like the idea so I thought I'd do my own :)

1. To buy my dream house - which goes on to whole other subject! I'll do this a blog post of its own
2. To visit Disney World Florida with my family
3. To get married in the Yorkshire Dales - once again another blog post is needed on this!
4. To Jump out of a plane
5. To open my own Animal Orientated business - doggy day care, rescue, groomers etc!
6. To have another 2 or 3 children - I'd love a big family!
7. To have a tattoo for Jacob
8. Go to a Medium to see if my Grandad and Grandma have anything to say to me
9. Get Jacobs patchwork blanket
10. To build a decent savings
11. Swim & see with dolphins in a wild environment
12. To own either a chihuahua, border collie, alsation or dalmation. Or all!
13. To take part in the photo a day from the beginning of next year
14. To go on a no budget shopping spree
15. Take Jacob to swimming classes
16. Lose 2 stone
17. To keep Jacobs memory box up to date
18. Take Jacob to lots of different places through his life and make his childhood fun, such as the zoo, eureka and fun museums
19. Make a recipe book with all our favourite family recipes in
20. Get my blog better known
21. Visit carboots to find cheap treasures
22. Complete my for home on a budget while still making it beautiful
23. Have a massage and a facial
24. Make more meals from scratch and stick to a meal plan
25. To get back into a decent paid job
26. Take Jacob on his first holiday abroad

I'm sure I'll add to this and update it as and when I can. 

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