Saturday, 11 May 2013

Jacobs 1st Birthday :0)

This last week (yes WEEK) has been Jacobs birthday week! It was also my 21st birthday, as you will know if you read my blog my little monster decided to steal my birthday! I don't mind, I absolutely love it in fact. I got all excited for my birthday for the first time in years because I got to spend it with my most special little boy ever.

On Saturday me and Jacob had a joint birthday party at a pub local to us which was brilliant. All our family and friends came to celebrate with us and we had a wonderful time. I decorated buns with personalised Mickey Mouse and One Direction (yes I know I'm sad) icing paper, and also made a big chocolate cake with a icing paper picture of me and Jacob on. All these were bought from ebay for a couple of pounds each, bargain! Jacob also decorated his own cake in the shape of a number one, he loved getting his fingers in the sticky icing!

I couldn't believe how many little friends Jacob had when they were all in one room! Such a popular little boy. His friends who came were: Alfie, Freddie, Bella, Izzi, Isabelle & Daisie. They all had fun on the bouncy castle, chasing balloons around and munching on all the food! It was a lovely sunny day and I'm really pleased at how it turned out. I just wish I had took more photos!

A little too much to drink ;)

The night before the party we went up to the local fun fair and Jacob went on his first 'ride'! He absolutely loved it, kept ringing the bell and screaming with joy. Then we went up to the park for a little go on the swings

Then, on sunday it was the big day! Precisely one year ago on the 6th May, at 5:34am I gave birth to this wonderful little boy we named Jacob James. And now here we are a year later. The happiest I could be, all because of Jacob. I love him more than life itself and he has brought so much happiness to the family.

We opened our presents sunday morning and it was like christmas all over again! I got a beautiful Thomas Sabo bracelet with a 21 charm and a Love charm from my Nan & Jacob and I will cherish it forever. I can't wait to fill it up with beautiful charms, and they do disney ones too! Top present. I also got all our spending money for our holiday *wipes sweat off brow* thankfully :) and a tattoo of a mickey mouse with Jacobs name on it that I have been planning since he was born!

Jacob, surprise surprise, got the biggest mountain of presents taking over our living room

Jacob got so spoilt, as always. Some of the presents he recieved were: his smart trike (top buy!), a tent and tunnel, a sand pit, a new maxi cosi tobi car seat, a ball pool, a swing, a paint set (messy play coming up!), a simba teddy, a laptop, an 'iphone', a pirate ship and a wooden walker just to name a few!

We were so lucky to finally be blessed with 22oc of sun, so we got our summer clothes on, packed the trike and the dogs in the car and off we went to Pugneys water park for a lovely walk around the lake

Jacob & I had the best birthday we could possibly have had. It was full of smiles, laughter, fun & love. I can't wait for many more to come with my beautiful family :)

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