Thursday, 18 July 2013

Holiday Tips for travelling with a little one...

As you know we have just returned from our holiday abroad with Jacob. He was 14 months at the time of travel, and beforehand I was really panicking about what to take, how he will be out there etc. Turns out there really was no need! Jacob was a little angel almost all holiday :0) But I have put together a helpful list of things for anyone else in the same position I was.

  • First of all - RELAX. This is a holiday. Relax the routine - Don't worry if little one isn't asleep in his travel cot for bang on 7.30pm.
  • Although keep general routines roughly the same - we found time didn't matter too much before bed as long as he had an extra snack. But a nice milky bottle in a dark room helped him understand it was bedtime.
  • Factor 50 suncream for the littlies. Common knowledge - but it is definitely needed on all uncovered areas.
  • Hats that tie under their chin! This was a lifesaver for us. Jacob is not a hat fan, but he kept this on after realising he couldn't get it off!

  • Visit a local supermarket and stock up on snacks. Biscuits, raisins, breadsticks, ice lollies and yoghurts were winners for us. Do shop around though - some supermarkets charged extortionate prices. 
  • In keeping with the above tip - if your luggage allowance lets you - take premixed formula milk, nappies and wipes with you. These are really expensive abroad!
  • Freeze water bottles overnight before a day trip so they stay cool all day - and regularly offer water to them to ensure they don't get dehydrated.
  • Don't bother packing vests, socks, PJ's - its way too warm!
  • Take a DVD player on the flight - this really helped us as Jacob got bored towards the end of the flight.
  • Ask for an extra plate in restaurants instead of ordering them their own meal. Jacob enjoyed sharing our food and trying lots of new things. We discovered he likes prawns, tomato sauce, steak, slush puppies, strawberry smoothies, mushrooms and much more!
And thats it! Enjoy your holiday :)


  1. Weve put off our holiday this year so Rio is abit older, hope you all had a good time! Yay for new food likes :)
    WTTP - The little lady with a baby!

    1. Yeah it was quite diffcult for us, especially as Jacob isn't walking on his own yet. But it was well worth it, we had a great time ! xx