Saturday, 1 June 2013

My gorgeous new pram - Baby Jogger City Mini Review

I am finally the proud owner of a baby jogger city mini in purple!

I've been saving up for weeks to buy this little beauty and in the end I got a great deal. Being a mummy who is always spoiling her little man rotten I have to make sure I scrimp and save on anything I can. I got this pram for £175, and it has an RRP of £250! It was on sale in Mothercare at £199.99. I then got a further discount of £15 for spending over £100. And then I purchased it through topcashback and got £10 cashback just for clicking via their site! So I am really pleased with that :)

I have read lots of great but short reviews of this pram so I thought I'd give my blog readers a more in depth one.

First of all I can say you will not be disappointed by this pram. It is brilliant. Extremley lightweight and folds almost flat, which is great for if you have a small car. It is not umberella folding but does fold totally in half and the wheels come off with ease too if you need to make it even smaller. To fold it down is very easy. You simply unpop the little red poppers on the back and pull up the handle on the seat and it just folds in half as easy as that.

Its a great pram for walking around town, shopping centres etc. The only thing I wouldn't recommend it for is offroading on dog walks, but I wouldn't have expected that it would do that anyway - I have my 2nd hand shop n jogg all terrain pram for dirty dog walks!. The front wheel locks for if you go on slightly bumpy terrain to help you out but any bumpier than the local park I wouldn't take it on! Plus it is my new baby and I don't want it to get dirty hah! (we will see how long that lasts - Jacob has been known to enjoy smushing bright orange wotsits into previous prams!!)

It has a great big pull down hood which is great for when its raining as little one won't get wet, and has lots of protection from wind and also sun. We will be taking this pram on holiday with us and I know the large hood will be great to pull down and protect him from those harmful sunrays when he is snoozing away. It has two little flaps to open so you can check on your little monster without disturbing them.

It has a large easily accessible basket underneath, so you don't need to hang your bags on the handle! It also has a little pocket on the back of the seat to pop things like a water bottle or a toy so its easy to grab and give to a moaning little one!
The handle is soft and nice to hold, and the pram is so easy to push and steer. It turns easily and in very small spaces so great for when you're in shopping aisles. I can hang my pink lining changing bag on it easily too so I can get to that whenever I need. You can't adjust the handle height but regardless both me at 5ft 2 and Dad at almost 6ft find it at the right height for us!

The pram lays almost flat or can be sat up dependant on what your little one wants. It has an adjustable 5 point safety harness which has soft pads to protect your little one and ensures the straps aren't uncomfy on them.

Unfortunately it comes with no accessories - footmuffs, raincovers, car seat adaptors, carry cots, toddler ride along, parent console, belly bar, cup holder and a child tray can all be purchased seperately.
I plan to keep this pram for any other children I may have too, and would probably buy maxi cosi car seat adaptors for when I have a newborn, and a toddler ride along maybe for jacob to ride on when hes older! I would also possibly consider a footmuff for the colder weather.
Overall I'd give the pram 9/10 - only because you have to purchase other accessories that other prams usually come with as standard. I am very happy with it. It looks so gorgeous and Jacob loves it too :)

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