Monday, 25 May 2015

A Fresh Start

I'm back in the blogging world, third time lucky hopefully! I've followed a lot of family and lifestyle blogs for a couple of years now and I just love the memories they create, so I've decided to give it a proper go myself.

I've tried unsuccessfully a couple of times in the past. I have a love of writing but I just struggle to find the time to do it. This time I want to MAKE time for it. I know I'll be thankful, especially with the baby brain I'm currently experiencing! 

That leads me on to an introduction of myself. My name is Lauren Byrom, I'm 23 years old and I live in West Yorkshire. I have the most beautiful son, Jacob James and he is 3 years old. I'm lucky enough to share birthdays with him, and I've left a couple of posts from my old blog on here if anyone fancies a read of his birth story or anything. Jake is my world. You'll get to know him as JJ, Jayboo, Jaybean, he has a fair few nicknames, but he prefers to go by JJ! 

I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant with my second child. I'm carrying a little girl, Annabelle. Middle name currently undecided! And boy am I suffering from baby brain, so I apologise in advance for rambling, whinging etc etc!.

I'm lucky enough to call a lovely young man who goes by the name of Aiden as my mister. My sidekick. My one true luuuurve. Enough of the soppy shit. The poor bloke who has to put up with my crazy, emotional hormones, my nesting urge and my OCD all in one. But hey, impregnate me and deal with it I say. I'm just preparing him for life with a daughter, doing him a favour really. 

Aiden has a 3 year old son, Reef, who joins our family most nights. Obviously, if you've noticed ages of our children you'll realise that means we are a 'blended' family. But to me, its not all about genes and DNA. We are happy as we are, and we are learning to slot together perfectly. Annabelle is mine and Aiden's first child together and she will complete us. 

So there you have it. An insight to me and the family. This little blog will be my place to reflect back and have beautiful memories. I'm not fussed about the page views, or the commission posts. I'm doing it for me and our children. I hope you join us for the ride!

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