Wednesday, 27 May 2015

What we've bought for our baby girl.

It has been twelve days since finding out at our private gender scan that Pickle, as we nicknamed him/her, was in fact a little princess. TWELVE days. And let me tell you, my bank card has been getting a hammering as though it was Christmas next week!

I have always dreamed of having a little girl. Being quite girly myself, I used to find it hard to shop for Jacob. Of course I'm acquainted with it now quite well. But I am loving buying anything pink, flowery or frilly for our baby girl! Yes, I am one of those gender stereotypical mothers. Annabelle will be dressed in tutus, headbands, frilly socks, the works! And well, her kit has to match her clothes doesn't it! So I have been shopping, and I am thrilled with what I've bought for her so far.

Here we go... Are you sure you are ready for it?

A small selection of the baby grows - the 'New to the World' one was the first thing I bought when I found out I was pregnant!

MORE clothes. Some from next, although the mummy & daddy, and the princess tutu one are no longer on the website, and the Thumper romper is from George. And you just can say no to pink polka dot converse can you?!

This was a bargain! 20% off in the Mamas and Papas sale. £55 for a Pink Lining changing bag. I had be drooling over it for weeks. They were practically giving it away, I HAD to have it. And it is Blooming Gorgeous!

I'm a big MAM anti colic bottle fan. These worked wonders for Jacob, so I got them in pink and green! Half price in the Argos sale too!

This took me ages to decide on. I originally wanted a girlier design but the Fisher Price label, and the fact it was an all singing all dancing swing, rocker, bouncer and toddler seat all in one had me sold.

I'm in love with the Mothercare Little Lane range, and this is another multi purpose item! (See Aiden, I'm practically saving us a fortune buying these things ;) ) It can be used as a play mat, a tummy time support, and a sit me up.

And of course, a white swinging crib. I was never a fan of Jakes moses basket, these seem much studier and last longer, plus it fits in perfectly with my bedroom furniture!

I think thats most of the big stuff for now. It makes me feel a lot better actually. Doesn't look as much wrote down! And I'm an organised list person by nature. Feels so good! So we haven't got much left on our list. Few more packs of vests, some cute dresses, the basics. I'm desperate for the Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 pram in Pink Precious too. Then some video baby monitors, and a tommee tippee perfect prep bottle machine. And we will be all ready for Annabelles arrival, albeit almost 3/4 months early!!

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