Saturday, 11 May 2013

Welsh Kitchen Dresser Upcycle - the how to guide!!

I was lucky enough to be the winning bidder on this welsh dresser on ebay a few weeks ago.

I had wanted one for a while now, due to our kitchen not having much storage space and me doing my monthly shop! I also loved the cottagey style to them and couldn't wait to get upcycling!

First of all, I removed the old handles & sanded it back to basics with an electric sander.

It was then primed with a white undercoat from Johnstones to make the base a bit more solid and clean looking.

I then painted it all with 3 coats of Laura Ashleys Pale Ivory in eggshell. We used 1 litre of paint for this, which cost around £12 as it had 30% off! Bargain.

I left the top bit just wood and then painted over it in Dulux's Oak satin finish just to break up the dresser a bit.

It has then been covered in Ronseals clear wax to give it extra protection and cleanability.

We put some lovely new knobs on from B&Q which were around £6.

Its not totally finished yet as I am going to line the drawers with the left over paper from doing the kitchen, but that is still on the to do list at the minute! Tomorrow I am also going the scour the car boot to look for some lovely shabby chic cups to hang from the dresser to just finish it off.

Here is the 'finished' product.

I absolutely am in love with it. It has only cost around £100 in total to do and I think I could make much more on it if I was to sell it on. I'm really proud of how I have transformed it and it has given me the confidence to do more!
Upcycling is such a brilliant thing because you get a whole new piece of furniture for next to nothing, while also preventing more landfill building up!
I was so hesitant to start it because I thought it was going to be a hard process but it wasn't at all. For anyone thinking of doing it all I can say is give it a go - it is so easy and you end up with a perfect, unique, stylish piece of furniture :0)

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